Refugees Waited Two Weeks for Favorable Wind


Flying Refugees Waited Two Weeks for Favorable Wind

Early in the morning at 04:31:26 AM—the escape flight over East Berlin—filmed from the second ultra-light.

In order to finance everything, they had so sell their pub in Kölln. During the many practice runs they once lost the motor and a wheel broke off.

Holger Bethke landed in Treptow and picked up his brother.
Ingo Bethke monitored the escape from the air.
One of the ultra-light planes belongs to this man: Tex Oelmann.

Berlin, 29th of May
We now know that the two brothers Ingo and Holger Bethke, who extracted their 34-year-old brother Egbert from Treptow with two ultra-light planes, had waited two weeks for favorable wind before flying.
They started early Friday morning from the sportsfield at Buckower Damm (Neukölln), when they were finally able to register a wind force of "2."
A preliminary attempt on Whit Monday was abandoned when police discovered the brothers in Hasenheide Park putting the miniature airplanes together.

The two brothers Ingo and Holger had been planning the airborne adventure for two years with their friend Tex Oelmann, a former Foreign Legionnaire.
Ingo had escaped the East by swimming the Elbe river in 1982, Holger was able to flee in 1983: He shot an arrow from East into West Berlin that enabled the brothers to stretch a wire rope, with which Holger slid to freedom.

The two brothers worked on their flying machines in the courtyard of their pub, "Al Capone."