Man With a Jack Hammer Pounds
a Hole in the Wall



Man protests because his mother is not being allowed to leave East Germany

The man with the jackhammer hammered a hole in the wall!

Berlin, June 20th
An approx. 32-year-old man drilled and hammered a hole in the wall at Köpenicker Straße (Kreuzberg) this afternoon with a jackhammer. A little later he was set upon by border police and taken into the east part of the city.

The man in question is most likely Dieter M. from Paderborn—this is the name he had used prior to the incident to rent a jackhammer and compressor.

He arrived at approx. 1:00 PM and immediately began work.

In no time at all he had hammered a hole in the wall that was about 50cm by 40cm, when a door in the Wall was opened. Six Border Police quietly came through the narrow opening. The man didn't notice them.

Suddenly: "Stop that immediately! What are you doing here?"
The man with the jackhammer was startled. Four Border Police grabbed him, dragged him by his hand and feet through the door in the wall. The man screamed and tried to resist—to no avail.

Many Berliners witnissed the incident. The man had called to them: I came to the West years ago from the "GDR." I'm protesting so that my mother will finally be allowed to leave the East.

The Border Police not only took the man, they also took the jackhammer and a chisel. All they left behind was the compressor.

They're dragging him off!

Children on West Berlin territory watch in astonishment as the "GDR" Border Police drag the man away—one of them follows carrying the jackhammer. The small picture shows the hole that the man had put in the wall with his jackhammer. One can also clearly see the vehicle that he was taken away with.