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We Want Out! We've Had Enough!


"We want out!"
"We've had enough!"

Young people march through Leiptzig's City after a prayer in church.

Berliner Zeitung,
Tuesday, 14th of March 1989

Hundreds of "GDR" residents demonstrated in Leipzig for free travel to the West. The demonstration through the city began after a prayer for peace in the Nikolai church.

"Stasi" (East German Secret Police) agents attempted to stop the protestors, among them families with children. There were scuffles.

Western photographers and television reporters were roughed up and prevented from doing their work.

Approximately 600 people, many of whom had locked arms, shouted "We want out! We want out! Stasi out!"

During heated discussions with the police, some of the would-be travelers shouted: "We've had enough!" One shouted: "My sentence—confined to the GDR for life!"

The demonstration, which lasted about an hour, took place when many shops were still open and curious onlookers, primarily (Leipzig) Fair visitors, gathered to watch.

Western observers: The protestors wanted to use the Leipzig Fair to draw attention to unresolved social problems and constant human rights violations.

Earlier, at the church service, many "GDR" residents complained that they "felt like a stranger" in their homeland.

There were also incidents as early as January, during illegal demonstrations on the day commemorating Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxembourg. Hundreds of people were arrested.

Arrest warrents were also issued for twelve members and supporters of the church and associated peace groups and committees.

After an international outcry and services held in their honor, the twelve were again set free.

One demonstrator uses a poster to protest against the inflexibility of the authorities.

Protestors march through Leipzig's City (Pictures from the ARD 'Tagesschau')