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Wall-Walker [John] Runnings is Coming Back


Wall-Walker Runnings is Coming Back

And this time he's bringing a battering ram.

Berlin, March 29th
71-year-old John Runnings, known as the 'Wall-Walker,' is planning a comeback: He wants to build a battering ram and come back in May to pound a hole in the Berlin Wall.
He's even willing to accept the 18-month prison term that was threatened by East Berlin authorities. He actually wants to provoke the sentence, the former carpenter claims, as quoted... a flyer published in Seattle, Washington.
Runnings gained notoriety in the summer of 1986 by taking three walks on the Wall. At one point he beat the top of the Wall with a sledge hammer and damaged it. Border police took him into custody. In East Berlin, he was sentenced to an 18-month prison sentence, with three years probation.
Runnings, in the publication: By serving... sentence I would make unifying Berlin a topic of conversation again. Simultaneously I want to encourage the Berliners to work towards a unified Berlin. Anybody who wants to can participate in my "Batter-the-Wall" protest action.
Runnings doesn't yet know exactly where he wants to put a hole in the Wall: I'll ask the Berliners.