The Man-Hunter of Chausseestraße


The Man-Hunter of Chausseestraße

Cigarette hanging from his mouth, finger on the trigger.

The young men take off and clear the first barrier with a powerful leap.

They run between the cars towards the next barricade—then a shot rings out.

Eye-wittness Peter-Thomas Krüger, an East Berlin correspondent with the Neue Ruhr/Neue Rheinzeitung: I wanted to drive into East Berlin via the Chausseestraße checkpoint. Two men ran towards the West from the middle of the border crossing area through the pedestrian gate—one in a yellow sweater, the other in a blue knit jacket. Five border policemen stormed out of the guard tower with assault rifles. A sirene sounded, the electric gate between East and West was closed.

Krüger continues: One officer came out of the processing room with his pistol drawn, fired at the refugees from a distance of about five meters. Both let themselves fall to the ground, they weren't injured. I suspect this was awarning shot.

Sunday morning, 9:35AM, a passerby near Heidelbergerstraße and Wildenbruchstraße in Neukölln observed that right behind the Wall a young man in jeans was forced to the ground. The police report: Two border patrol officers took the man to a vehicle and drove him away.

Sunday evening, shortly after 8:00PM at Border Crossing Point Bernauer Strasse (in Wedding), a truck accelerates towards the border barricades. The vehicle breaks through two concrete slabs, then crashes against another concrete slab that's about 50cm high. There the truck stops. Eight "GDR" border patrol officers surround the car and shout: Come out! Shortly thereafter a man, approx. 30 years old, is taken away.

This escape attempt has failed: One of the refugees lies on the ground with his arms spread.